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Unsticking Creativity: 8 Practical Tips for Beating Creative…

    January 03, 2024 Have you ever found yourself staring at a blank screen, feeling utterly stuck? That's the infamous creative block. It's like a stubborn gatekeeper of your

By Francis 11 Min Read
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Plesk Remove X-Powered-By | How To?

  With the term “Plesk Remove X-Powered-By,” our goal is to remove the “X-Powered-By” HTTP header in the server’s responses.

By Francis 3 Min Read

Dos & Don’ts for the WordPress Block Editor

  The WordPress Block Editor continues to improve. Each new version contains something worth celebrating. The tool has empowered content

By Francis 9 Min Read

More On Plesk MagicSpam Embedded Protection

  How to use embedded protection using MagicSpam on Plesk? Read the article to find out. As part of our

By Francis 3 Min Read

Activate Plesk Google Workspace

  Learn how to activate Plesk Google Workspace. Our Plesk Support team is here to help you with your questions

By Francis 3 Min Read