Open letter to FVP Timmermans – Reject Quantitative Targets!

Added 13/12/2015

Reject Quantitative Targets!

The Better Regulation Watchdog network has on 10 December 2015 sent an open letter to First Vice-President Timmermans in response to a recent letter signed by Ministers from 19 Member States. The signatories call for an EU wide target to cut regulatory burdens to businesses. Members of the Watchdog network agree that the EU needs reforming in order to rise to global challenges and develop new sources of productivity. But the letter outlines a number of reasons why setting a target to reduce the burden of regulation is the wrong approach.

Balanced Approach Needed

Instead, the Better Regulation Watchdog network urges Vice-President Timmermans to take a more balanced approach to the much needed efforts to improve the EU regulatory system, by rejecting the setting of a quantitative target to reduce regulatory burdens, but also by ensuring that the long-term public benefits of regulatory action are given sufficient weight in political debate. Once in place, there also needs to be put more emphasis on ensuring that rules will be effectively enforced irrespective of whether they address competition law, pollution or workers and consumer protection.
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