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The Europe we want: just, sustainable, democratic and inclusive

The Better Regulation Watchdog Network has joined over 200 European civil society organisations and trade unions in signing a common appeal to European leaders:

“The Europe we want: just, sustainable, democratic and inclusive”.

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Financial Times publishes UNI Europa response to Better Regulation article

The Financial Times has published the UNI Europa letter to the editor, in response to a recent article about Better Regulation.

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Europe needs a Strong Safety Net

The EU is a community founded on fundamental rights and the rule of law. This is one of Europe’s strengths and has made it a global leader and standard setter in many areas. European regulations are a safety net, designed to protect workers, citizens and the environment, and have drastically improved quality of life in Europe. However, nowadays regulation is portrayed by many, including a number of EU member states, as red tape and a burden.

In this paper we propose a set of key measures the EU should adopt to help fix the system as well a number of areas where urgent action is required.

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Press release: Important improvements to the IIA – yet warning sign is still up

On December 8, 2015 the high-level negotiation team consisting of representatives from the Commission, the European Parliament and the Council finalised the new inter-institutional agreement.

Reacting to the outcome of the negotiations Christina Colclough, UNI Europa explains: “The Better Regulation Watchdog is happy to see that many of our criticisms have been addressed. The result is a significant improvement to the Commission’s proposal from May 2015.

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Open letter to FVP Timmermans – Reject Quantitative Targets!

The Better Regulation Watchdog network has on 10 December 2015 sent an open letter to First Vice-President Timmermans in response to a recent letter signed by Ministers from 19 Member States. The signatories call for an EU wide target to cut regulatory burdens to businesses. Members of the Watchdog network agree that the EU needs reforming in order to rise to global challenges and develop new sources of productivity. But the letter outlines a number of reasons why setting a target to reduce the burden of regulation is the wrong approach.

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‘Better Regulation’ and the end of cheating?

Click here to read eye-opening article by Watchdog members Jos Dings, Transport and Environment and Nina Renshaw, EPHA   Quote from Article “So would Mr Timmermans’ “Better Regulation” proposals have prevented all this? Emphatically, no. On the contrary, they make future #Dieselgates more likely. […]    

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Threat to Democracy

Watchdog members, Christine Berry and Stephen Devlin, New Economics Foundation, have authored an extremely readable, yet comprehensive, report on the impact of ‘better regulation’ in the UK. In the report “Threat to Democracy” they show how:   ‘Better regulation’ is bad for the economy. The UK is already one of the least regulated economies in the developed […]

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Register Now! Panel debate on Better Regulation

October 12!     ÖGB Europabüro, the Brussels office of the Austrian Trade Union Federation, AK EUROPA, the Brussels office of the Austrian Federal Chamber of Labour and BEUC, the European consumer organisation, together with the Better Regulation Watchdog, a group of 63 trade union and civil society organisations, would like to invite you to […]

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Presentation of Better Regulation

The Better Regulation package includes  new principles that will guide the policies in Europe. Click here for a presentation of Better Regulation, including an overview of: Internal Commission decisions procedures The Regulatory Scrutiny Board and REFIT platform Better Regulation Guidelines and Toolbox Commission draft Inter-institutional Agreement Public consultations Delegated and implemented acts – presented by the […]

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Open letter in response to the Commission proposal for an Inter-Institutional Agreement

On June 3, the members of the Better Regulation Watchdog sent a joint open letter to the European Parliament highlighting five critical issues with the Commission’s draft Inter-institutional agreement. The five issues are: The Better Regulation initiative should not threaten the democratic powers of the European Parliament and the Council The Commission should not propose […]

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Better Regulation Watchdog Launch

The day before the Commission First-Vice President Timmermans presented the Commission’s Better Regulation package, the Better Regulation Watchdog  was launched on May 18, 2015. Reaching the public In a press release addressed to  MEPs, Commissioners and staff, national and European press and other stakeholders, our Founding Statement, describing our missions, aims and mode of operation, was made public. […]

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