Europe needs a Strong Safety Net

Added 19/07/2016

The EU is a community founded on fundamental rights and the rule of law. This is one of Europe’s strengths and has made it a global leader and standard setter in many areas. European regulations are a safety net, designed to protect workers, citizens and the environment, and have drastically improved quality of life in Europe.

However, nowadays regulation is portrayed by many, including a number of EU member states, as red tape and a burden. In many areas the EU legislative process has almost come to a stand-still since the Juncker administration took over. However, many problems urgently need legislative action. Another issue is that enforcement of existing legislation is all too often neglected. Scandals like that surrounding Volkswagen, which have shocked citizens and investors alike, have very bad consequences for the EU’s reputation and shows the pressing need for change.

Immediately restoring trust in EU law and the EU law making system is essential, and no effort should be spared to make this happen. Europe’s laws and regulations should become a strong safety net that effectively protects its citizens from harm, its businesses from unfair competition and solve its major financial, social, health and environmental challenges. It should allow Europe’s workers, citizens, consumers and entrepreneurs to thrive and be successful and contribute to sustainable development.

With this paper we propose a set of key measures the EU should adopt to help fix the system as well a number of areas where urgent action is required. It focuses on areas where members of the BRWN are active but is in no way an exhaustive list addressing all challenges the EU is facing.

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