The Watchdog unites to make Better Regulation - Better for All.

We are a network of 66 European consumer, environmental, development, citizen and public health organisations, as well as trade unions and organisations advancing social justice. Together the Better Regulation Watchdog represents tens of millions of European citizens.

What we do

We follow the EU’s Better Regulation Agenda closely. We will provide input into the processes and debates, raise awareness among stakeholders and society, and challenge the widely-held belief that regulation is a burden for society.

The network shares information and expertise, but can also advocate our positions to decision makers, inform our networks about the consequences of the Better Regulation agenda and participate in media outreach.

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Read much more about who we are, our aims and how we work here. Follow our campaigns in the posts and never hesitate to contact us!

Tweets and follow, We tweet using the hashtag #betterregwatch, but also #betterregulation

Latest News & Press


The Europe we want: just, sustainable, democratic and inclusive

The Better Regulation Watchdog Network has joined over 200 European civil society organisations and trade unions in signing a common appeal to European leaders:

“The Europe we want: just, sustainable, democratic and inclusive”.

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Financial Times publishes UNI Europa response to Better Regulation article

The Financial Times has published the UNI Europa letter to the editor, in response to a recent article about Better Regulation.

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Europe needs a Strong Safety Net

The EU is a community founded on fundamental rights and the rule of law. This is one of Europe’s strengths and has made it a global leader and standard setter in many areas. European regulations are a safety net, designed to protect workers, citizens and the environment, and have drastically improved quality of life in Europe. However, nowadays regulation is portrayed by many, including a number of EU member states, as red tape and a burden.

In this paper we propose a set of key measures the EU should adopt to help fix the system as well a number of areas where urgent action is required.

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